Environmental, Extension, Agriculture

This is the eightieth post in my series that explores the most-used words in the top stories shared amongst Environmental Historians and Environmental Humanities scholars on Twitter each week.


Here are the top articles amongst environmental historians and humanities scholars this past week (September 3 – September 9, 2018):

Monday: “Fwd: Museums – Call for Submissions – Death to Museums 2019,” Death to Museums 

Tuesday: Finding Environmental History in … Sharknado?” by Daniel Macfarlane, Network in Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE)

Wednesday: “Bogs are unique records of history – here’s why” by Henry Chapman, Ben Gearey, Jane Bunting, Kimberley Davis, and Nicola Whitehouse, The Conversation 

Thursday: The Big Squeeze” by Ola Olsson, Aeon

Friday: CFP: GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL BORDERLANDS IN THE AGE OF EMPIRE, 2019/2020” by Andrea Gaynor, Australian and New Zealand Environmental History Network

Saturday: Taking the Longer View: Environmental History as Early Modern History” by Claire Campbell, Network in Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE)

Sunday: Realigning Extension and Establishing Links in Rural Agriculture” by Erick Ombija, Agrilinks

Top Words

1. environmental

2. extension 

3. agriculture

4. local

5. Museums

6. Falls

7. mafia

8. research

9. Sicily

10. can

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