People, Mercury, Can

This is the twenty-sixth post in my series that explores the most-used words in the top stories shared amongst Environmental Historians and Environmental Humanities scholars on Twitter each week.

Here are the top articles amongst environmental historians and humanities scholars this past week (August 21 – August 27, 2017):

Monday: “Intersectionality as a Blueprint for Postcolonial Scientific Community Building” by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Medium

Tuesday: The History of Environmental Justice in Five Minutes” by Brian Palmer, NRDC

Wednesday: Farming has changed climate almost as much as deforestation,” Thomson Reuters, CBC News, Technology and Science

Thursday: How Much Should Major Polluters Pay? A DuPont Settlement Provides a Model” by Paul Greenberg, Audubon

Friday: On Portsmouth’s ‘Pest Island,’ an 18th Century Quarantine Turned Into A Party” by Todd Bookman, New Hampshire Public Radio

Saturday: I was an Exxon-funded climate scientist” by Katharine Hayhoe, The Conversation

Sunday: Teaching EH: Global Perspectives on Wilderness” by Lucas A. Sprouse & Dr. Lisa Brady, Environmental History

Top Words

1. people

2. mercury

3. can

4. science

5. many

6. one

7. research

8. Cristol

9. birds

10. community


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