Earth, Will, Said

This is the seventh post in my series that explores the most-used words in the top stories shared amongst Environmental Historians and Environmental Humanities scholars on Twitter each week.

Here are the top articles amongst environmental historians and humanities scholars this past week (April 17-April 23, 2017):

Monday: “The most robot-proof job of them all” by , Marketplace

Tuesday: Female Scientists Told To Add A Male Author To Their Study” by Katie Sola, The Huffington Post

Wednesday: First protected DREAMer is deported under Trump” by Alan Gomez and David Agren, USA Today

Thursday: H-Net Job Guide: Environmental History/Studies,” H-Net

Friday: We Just Breached the 410 Parts Per Million Threshold” by Brian Kahn, Climate Central

Saturday: SQUID EGGS, TRAFFIC, TREES, AND MORE: OBJECT LESSONS FOR EARTH DAY” featuring Nicole Walker, Paul Josephson, Matthew Battles, and Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Literary Hub

Sunday: 14 sci-fi books about climate change’s worst case scenarios” by Andrew Liptak, The Verge

Top Words

1. Earth
2. said
3. will
4. Montes
5. can
6. climate
7. people
8. world
9. University
10. DACA
11. male


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