Wordcloud Experiment Week #2: said, New, Indigenous

Last week I announced my new #EnvHist wordcloud initiative. I got some positive feedback. I’m still struggling with how to meld this into some kind of thoughtful analysis. I’m willing to let this experiment evolve naturally, continue as it is, or let it die naturally. Either route leads to some fun visualization, thus, win-win.

Here are the top articles amongst environmental historians and humanities scholars this past week (March 6-March 12, 2017):

Monday: “The Welcome Stranger Nugget“, GoldRushNuggets.com

Tuesday: “Local planning, sharing benefits key to wind-farm buy-in, study finds”, CBC News

Wednesday: From coast to coast and north to south, Indigenous women are on the rise” by Lenard Monkman, CBC News, Indigenous

Thursday:Conservative senator defends ‘well-intentioned’ residential school system” by John Paul Tasker, CBC News, Politics

Friday: EPA environmental justice head resigns”, PBS Newshour

Saturday: Video captures moment plastic enters food chain” by Mark Kinver, BBC News, Science and Environment

Sunday: Utopia in the Time of Trump” by Gerry Canavan, Los Angeles Review of Books

Top Words:

1. said
2. New
3. Indigenous
4. also
5. York
6. people
7. time
8. community
9. plastic
10. Canada


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