Billboard 4: You’re Always Worth It

In case you missed it, “Uptown Funk” was dethroned last week before it hit the 16 week record. Hell yeah! What song dethroned it? The Fast and Furious feelsy tune, “See You Again.” I have a soft spot for Wiz for some reason, and I’ll admit that the song brings forth some emotion stuff, so I’ll give it a moderate thumbs up.

1. “See You Again” ft. Charlie Puth- Wiz Khalifa

Me: “I feel like Charlie Puth doesn’t have a very good voice.”

Dex: “You know what else he doesn’t have? A very good last name.”

2. “Uptown Funk” ft. Bruno Mars- Mark Ronson

Cringe-worthy lyric: “Smoother than a fresh jar of skippy.”

3. “Earned It”- The Weeknd

This song’s hot. I’m not sure how The Weeknd does it, but he’s “smoother than a fresh jar of skippy,” if you will.

“I’m so used to being used
So I love when you call unexpected
Cause I hate when the moment’s expected”

“You know our love would be tragic
So you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind
We live with no lies”


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  1. So funny – my kids were singing the “Skippy” line from that song yesterday morning at breakfast. As they spread their Skippy smooth peanut butter on their bagels 🙂


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