Billboard 3: What are You Waiting For?

“Dear Future Husband” continues to climb and “Uptown Funk” remains at the top. Clearly ya’ll have not followed my directives. Though “King Kunta” did make a gain. Overall, not a good week.

1. “Uptown Funk”- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Those hair curlers…why? That is all.

2. “Sugar”- Maroon 5

The wedding-singer theme of the video is apropos actually because that is where this song belongs–on an inoffensive, generic wedding playlist catering to the average bore.

3. “Love Me Like You Do”- Ellie Goulding

50 Shades connection aside, Ellie is brilliant. This song is brilliant. It has a bit of grit and honesty. I like grit and honesty. Life is too short, “What are you waiting for?” What indeed, Elllie, what indeed.


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